rUckus Crew

The rUCkus Crew is the Brumbies supporters group for students of the University of Canberra, and provides its members with a social, fun and unique experience of Brumbies games. 

rUCkus Crew’s social perspective is what makes it such an appealing group to be a part of for students. It provides fans with an opportunity to meet many new people who are passionate about the Brumbies and sparks many friendships.

New member, Andrew, who had recently signed up this year said he was ecstatic with his decision.“I’ve had such a good time being a member,” he said. “It’s just really nice to have a good bunch of people around you who you can not only laugh and joke with, but also share that excitement and joy that sport brings.”

The vocal voices of the rUCkus Crew in the home crowd is also highly appreciated by the Brumbies players themselves. Brumbies lock, Rory Arnold, has praised the positive effect that the rUCkus Crew has on the boys on the field. 

“The excitement and passion that the rUCkus Crew members bring to our games always gives us a real uplifting feeling, and we can’t appreciate their support enough,” he said.

Valued at over $300, rUCkus Crew memberships are available to students for just $30 and include tickets to all Brumbies home games, buses to and from the game, a rUCkus Crew t-shirt and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Get keen! Get yellow! GET RUCKUS!

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