Fitness Workshops

UCFitx will be offering the following workshops in Semester 1.
  • Pure Beginner Yoga
  • Introduction to the Gym – Weights & Cardio Equipment
  • Bootcamp & Body Transformation
  • Speed & Power Development
  • Hypertrophy Training

Pure Beginner Yoga


Have you wanted to learn yoga, but didn’t feel prepared to jump straight into a group class? Pure Beginner Yoga at UCFitx will help you to learn the yoga basics. Over 8 weekly classes, we build your confidence in physical poses (Asana), breathing practices (Pranayama), and introduce you to guided meditation. Each class is a 45 minute workshop with 15 minutes available at the end for Q and A. This eight class workshop is suitable for any level of beginner and yogis that want to re-explore their practice.

Where:                  UCFitx, Building 4 Group Fitness Studio
When:                   Tuesday 26th Feb – 16th April (5-6pm) – 8 Weeks
Who:                     Sarah
Cost:                      UCFitx members -$80            Non- Members – $100

Introduction to the Gym (Weights & Cardio Equipment)

Are you new to working out in a Gym, or you still don’t feel confident or comfortable, as you aren’t exactly sure what to do and how the machines work?
Then this workshop is for you.

We will be running a series of workshops ensuring you are using gym equipment correctly, efficiently and safely therefore getting the best out of your gym workout. You may attend one or all of these workshops.

Each week there is a specific Workshop.

Week 1: Cardio Machines
Week 2: Pin Load Weights Machines
Week 3: Free Weights
Week 4: Sled
Week 5: Matrix
Week 6: Core Exercises, Foam Rolling and Stretching

Where:        UCFitx Gym, Building 29
When:         Tuesday 19th Feb – 26th March (1-1.30pm)
Instructor:  Kim
Cost:            UCFitx Gym members – FREE           Non- Members – $25 (for 6) or $5 per class

Bootcamp/Body transformation

Whether you have a weight loss, body transformation, performance driven goal or just like to be a part of the fitness journey, Bootcamp will not disappoint you. Weekly challenges and a unique scoring system will ensure that you achieve the results you have come searching for. More details on this workshop series will be provided upon signing up.  

Where:                   UCFitx, Building 4 Group Fitness Studio
When:                    Monday, Wednesday, Fridays (6:30am-7:30am). Starting  in March.
Instructor:             Jovi and Kim
Cost:                       UCFitx Gym members – FREE            Non- Members – $100


Power & Speed Development

Speed and power are interrelated. In it’s own unique way, more power generates more speed and more speed means you are free to manipulate your own speed. Ever thought of improving that accelerative speed to gain an advantage over your opponent? Well the Speed and Power workshop is just the right thing for you.  Great for those people who partake in sport.

Where:         UCFitx, Building 4 Group Fitness Studio & Oval 1
When:           Coming soon to you this April
Instructor:   Jovi
Cost:             UCFitx Gym members – FREE            Non- Members – $100

Hypertrophy Training

Learn how to gain lean muscle and focus on building strength without the need to bulk and then cut as the traditional bodybuilders do. This unique 8 week workshop will focus on training ways that will challenge you not only in the gym but your discipline outside. Remember, you only spend 5% of your day in the gym, the rest is up to you.

Where:        UCFitx Gym, Building 29.
When:         Coming soon in May!
Instructor:  Jovi
Cost:            UCFitx Gym members -FREE            Non- Members – $100

We are now taking expression of interest, it will be a case of first in, first served.
Please email or call 6201 2542 for more information and/or to reserve a spot.