Market Days



Market Days are run on campus every Wednesday during semester from 11am – 2pm on the UC Concourse. Market Days are a great way to interact with students on campus at UC and promote your business.

Market Days only run during Semester 1 (8th Feb – 10th May) and Semester 2 (2nd August – 1st Nov). Each month we also host Mega Market Days with aim is to get as many stalls as possible onto these days. We will supply entertainment, make a Facebook event and try and make the day bigger and better than any other regular market day. Stalls are welcome to still book stalls on any other Wednesday but the following dates is when we hope to make them MEGA!

Semester 2 2017 Mega Market Days are:

  • Week 2 – 16th August
  • Week 6 – 13th September
  • Week 10 – 11th October
  • Week 13 – 1st November

For Semester 2 O Week booking forms, please click here. 

For booking forms for Week 1 onwards including the Mega Market Days:

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