Taichi & Mandarin Solutions 

Tai Chi Wushu for Health

REGISTER NOW FOR TERM 3 (31/10 – 19/12)

The 3rd and final term for 2018, starts Wednesday 31st October (6:30pm-8:00pm).

This popular affiliated UCfit program aims to start you on your journey to acquire the knowledge of traditional arts of Chinese Wushu.  It is an intensive course to help you develop a deep understanding of this intangible oriental art, and to work together with you to explore:

  • the spirit of Wushu and Tai Chi practice
  • how these ancient cultivation methods contribute subtle effects on our body/mind
  • an opportunity to train with new friends in a mutually supporting manner
  • a more active, diverse and balanced life style.
  • No prior experience required

In these classes, students will be experiencing Spring Leg exercises (tan tui), traditional Cha Quan, Heart-Mind Six Harmonies Fist with practical self-defense skills.  Also, you will have an opportunity to learn the authentic weapons and their combat skills under a strict and safe supervision.

If you are keen to improve your fitness and to acquire deeper level of understanding to Chinese Wuhu with a strong focus on its key philosophical disciplines, come and join our challenging yet fun Wushu (Kung Fu) for Health program at the UCfit.  We have experts, accredited in Wushu in both China and Australia who will guide you through a longer term life style learning journey.

Kungfu for Families

REGISTER NOW FOR TERM 3 (3/11 – 22/12)
Commencing Saturday 3rd November (10:30am-12pm).

Cohesion within the family unit is something we all strive for.  Kungfu for Families is targeted in helping parents and their children to explore the richness of the ancient Chinese art of Wushu (also known as Gongfu or Kung Fu).

Wushu can be exercised gently or vigorously and has health benefits for young and old. It teaches discipline to students who will acquire self-defense skills, and more importantly, lead to more confidence and improvements in both physical well-being and self confidence.
If you are ready to improve your fitness and spend quality time with your children, come and join our unique program at the UC Fit. 

For more information http://www.taichi-mandarin.com/classes-enrolment/
To ENROL and pay, please go to UC Fit! (Building 29) or call Reception 6201 2542 and pay over the phone via Credit Card.