Thai Yoga Massage


Thai Yoga Massage is a blend of massage, acupressure, assisted stretching, energy movement and meditation. The massage is on padded mats on the floor with blankets and props, and you are fully clothed for the duration. The massage room is tucked away in Building 4 of the UC Campus, so there is minimal distraction, giving you the opportunity to relax.

Some of the indicated physical, mental and psychological benefits of Thai Yoga Massage are:

  • Relief from muscular tension
  • Ease and mobility in the body
  • An improvement in circulation
  • A boost for the immune system
  • A reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Awareness and mental clarity

“Thai Yoga Massage is a physical application of Metta in action.” – Kam Thye Chow.

Metta translates to loving kindness or unconditional love for all beings. Give yourself some love by taking time for a mini-retreat in a Thai Yoga Massage with me.

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Upper Body – 30 minutes – $40
Full Body – 60 minutes – $80