Short Courses


UC Fit! Short Courses are designed to provide UC Students, Staff or General Public an opportunity to acquire or progress sporting or recreational skills in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Under the tutelage of some of the best-qualified instructors in the region. 
Don’t wait, please express your interest or reserve a spot by calling our reception on 6201 2542.

End of Year Surf Trip.

Come and experience what the New South Wales South Coast has to offer!
With the trip being scheduled for late in Semester 2, you will be guaranteed Surf, Sun and a Fun time.
For more information please contact John at UC Fit! Reception.


This popular course begins with the basics and is designed to develop strength and confidence to build up to an intermediate level. Working with basic postures we help you become aware of how to move your body safely, preparing yourself to take the next step forward. As we move on, each class will offer more postures and variations but the basics will still be available if more time is needed. Working every muscle and joint in every direction, even more advanced students will still leave each class feeling refreshed.



This introductory course is run by one of the mosty reputable instructors in Canberra, Gaz Rees. The course caters to those who want to learn and develop the correct techniques to punch, kick, knee and grapple in a safe and enjoyable environment. In addition to skill development, there will be fitness and fun elements to the course. All equipment


The reason Tai Chi has endured and been admired for thousands of years is that the practice contains hidden depths of meaning that go well beyond the slow physical movements that people initially observe.

Tai Chi is both a martial art and the embodiment of certain philosophical principles. Thus not only increasing physical health, but also improving psychological and philosophical functioning and insights into a profound worldview. In fact, the practice of Tai Chi is one of the most comprehensive and holistic activities you can engage in.

We live in a world of rapid advancements in science and technological development, increases in material affluence, and an ever increase in the pace of life. In this environment, the practice of Tai Chi can act as an important counterbalance and an effective way to maintain your health and equanimity. If you have ever wanted to give Tai Chi a go, here’s your chance to learn by one of the best teachers in the region.


Michael Cole, a local PGA Member, will conduct the short course on the golf range at Gold Creek Country Club. Michael’s approach to teaching is simple and fun while helping you to learn and get better at this great game. Whether you are considering golf for the first time or are a long-time player, these 4 classes will benefit you. There will also be an opportunity to play a few holes with Michael providing his expertise on how to get around the course in as few shots as possible. Get in early as this popular course is limited to only 8 spots!


This course teaches both the practical aspects of learning to speak Mandarin as well as an introduction to the underlying cultural ideas embodied in the language.
While the course will provide you with key Chinese vocabulary and practical phrases for everyday conversation, it will also focus on the various cultural norms and practices that you need to be aware of in your interactions with Chinese people.
With China being an international powerhouse and world economic leader, this is a great opportunity to learn a very prominent and influential language for business relations.


Do you want to be the next Marianna Tolo or Patty Mills?

To get started, take this short course run by the UC Capitals that is exclusively offered only to current UC Students and Staff. This is an opportunity to learn from Australia’s best and develop your basketball skills on campus in the UCFit Sports hall. The course caters to all levels and will take you through various Basketball skills, drills and game play.




This practical short course will provide tips for self-defence and explore important concepts in confidence, awareness, relaxation and fitness. Through a series of drills and scenarios, the course will present skills for resolving conflicts both with and without the use of force, and demonstrate techniques for striking, kicking, posture/body language, hand-to-hand escape tactics and more. Come along and be prepared to have fun and learn some useful tips!



Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on core stability and strength, posture, balance, control, flexibility and breathing.  It can assist in preventing a number of injuries, particularly those in the back, neck and shoulders. Pilates targets the deep stabilizing muscles to reduce low back pain and retain and recruit very important muscles that no longer work due to injuries or compensatory posture or movement.  The 45 minute mat work class is designed for beginners and those who need to improve core stability, posture and strength as well as reduce back pain. Our classes are run by an experienced Exercise Physiologist.