Sports Ball Nominations

With the 2017 Sports Ball just around the corner, it is time once again to put your nominations forward for a range of awards that will be presented on the night.

AUS Athlete of the Year

AUS Athlete of the Year is awarded to an athlete who has shown both exceptional ability and dedication in the lead up to and during an AUS event, whilst showcasing the highest level of skill in competition. Only athletes who have competed for UC at an AUS event in 2017 are eligible for the award.

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Beyond Bank AUS Team of the Year 

This award is for a team who has competed for UC at an AUS event in 2017. The team must have demonstrated fair play and conduct themselves in a professional manner, both on and off the sporting arena. The team has shown sporting excellence and gained a high level of recognition.

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AUS Team Spirit Award

The Team Spirit Award is for a Team who has shown dedication and spirit in supporting others at Sport at UC events. This team regularly makes an effort to support fellow UC students. This team is respected and appreciated by all others at all Sport at UC events, where their physical presence is notable and they successfully boost the morale of others on and off of the sporting arena.

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Sporting Leadership Award

The Leadership Award is for an individual who has displayed strong leadership skills and shown passion in unifying their Team and/or Sport at UC Club. This individual regularly leads by example and lifts the morale of those around him/herself both on and off the sporting arena. This individual plays an integral role in developing the foundations of the spirit of Sport at UC in their relevant sports setting.

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